The Brass Moon Magic-Filler process:

  1. You:
    Give us a call and a key.
    Wait for the check.
  2. We:
       Hustle through our guaranteed tenant-finding process:
    • Snap the shots, take the videos and note the specs + measurements
    • Spread the word locally and online through flyers, posters, social media and online listing sites to get the right tenants intrigued
    • Screen all applicants with our 5-point qualification check so you don’t risk getting a tenant whose Grandma dies every payday or takes potshots at the fireplace
  • Show your property to qualifying tenants, get their deposit and contract, and cut them a (free) duplicate key.
  1. You: Secure the deposit,
       file the contract,
       and watch your investment flourish.


Within a week, 4 apartments were filled.

“I was losing about $5000 a month on 5 apartments that were empty for 4 months – I started worrying that I’d sunk my money into a loser of a property. Then I found out about Brass Moon and contacted them. Within a week, 4 of them were filled with great tenants who paid on time and maintained the property nicely.”

-Moshe Schwimmer, property investor


get my property rented

Too many landlords have lost THOUSANDS of dollars from

  • Property that sat empty for MONTHS
  • Tenants they HOUNDED for payment yet never saw a red cent
  • Exorbitant damage that cost a year’s rent or more to fix up
  • Expensive legal fees evicting disaster-tenants

Don’t risk racking up those losses.

Get Brass Moon on the task and enjoy reliable, paying tenants  -- without the hassle