You get long term service
With Levi, long after the contract is signed he’s still available, he’ll listen to your needs, offer you a solution, and direct you to the right person who can help you. Cheapest painter, best lawyer, whatever. You get long term service — he wants to make sure everything runs smoothly long-term.

Arie Malka

THE first to put in an offer

I’ve used other realtors before, and they were slow at putting in offers. By the time they got back to me, the deals were gone. Then I found Levi, and his responsiveness meant he was the first to put in an offer and got us incredible deals.

Shuly Leiber

My best interests in mind

I always felt like he has my best interests in mind – even when it wasn’t his best interest and he lost out.

Max Stein

Got me a better deal with no stress

I needed to sell a house, and it was a hard sale to make. Course, I knew Levi at Brass Moon’s my guy – he wouldn’t stop working until it went through, and he’d take all the stress off my shoulders. Unbelievably, he found a buyer and was able to push the guy down to a better deal for me.” There were lots of hurdles, but Levi pushed it through and saved the deal.

Moshe Schwimmer

They do whatever it takes

Regular realtors (I’ve worked with them) sit at their desk 9-5, an hour out to lunch, spend 45 mins organizing their desk, always putting you on hold. Then I tried Levi at Brass Moon. If someone’s available for a showing at 7 PM, he’s there, no problem. He’s not tied down to typical hours, he’ll do whatever it takes to get it to happen.

Josh Braun