Here’s how I roll out the Brass carpet. (Yeah, Brass is the new red.)

 Learn the honest specs

At Brass Moon Realty, we are committed to providing clients with our version of the red carpet treatment with our Brass Carpet, dedicated to providing clients with quality and personalized services. In order to make the best choices as a home seller or buyer, you’ll need the honest specs about the property in question.

We’ll help you make those important decisions by supplying you with all the details about a potential property to ensure that you’re making informed choices as a buyer or seller.

  1. How much are the taxes?
  2. What is the true market value?
  3. Are there any repairs to be made?

We will make sure you know all the pros and cons of any given property you may be considering. Brass Moon Realty doesn’t rely on half-truths. We believe in being honest and giving our clients the facts.

Learn the honest specs so you can make an informed decision. We will also be available to give you helpful advice based on our years of experience.

At Brass Moon Realty, we’re known for our honest reputation and heard-earned integrity; that means more to us than making a sale. That’s why you can count on getting straightforward facts, advice, and information. And when you have the real low-down on a property, it makes your job much easier.

We’re also known for moving quickly on any deal. If a new and exciting property comes up on the listing sheet, we’ll contact you immediately.


 Grab the hot stuff

You can count on up-to-the-minute alerts on all new listings. If a great deal becomes available, we’ll let you know. We stay on top of all short sales and foreclosures.

If you find a property you really want, we can help you negotiate the best possible price.

We take pride in our unique ability to push deals through—even those demanding ones that require several rounds of negotiations.


 Push the sale through

You can relax during this process because we’ve got your back! And we stay on the job right up to the closing and even beyond that. Your satisfaction is just that important to us.

If we think you could get a better deal with a different mortgage lender, we’ll let you know.

We’ll guide you through the paperwork process, helping you to complete it properly so that they’ll be no snags along the way.

Brass Moon Realty is the kind of brokerage that will make buying or selling property smooth sailing! Contact us. We’d love to hear from you.