The Brass carpet

Here’s how I roll out the Brass carpet. (Yeah, Brass is the new red.)

Learn the honest specs

Know every pro and con of your potential property. Its market value. The taxes. That irreparable boiler.

No lies. No half lies. No almost-truths.

Just tell-it-like-it-is facts on the ground. (We’ll throw in some advice too.)
Our honesty has lost us some sales. It’s made some commissions smaller. But it’s given us a reputation we wouldn’t trade for any amount of brass (or greenbacks).

Grab the hot stuff

Get first dibs (and better deals) on any fabulous new listings that meet your criteria.

How do we do it? We get up-to-the-minute alerts on new listings -- and we follow them compulsively. When a short sale, foreclosure or steal deal pops up, you’ll know about it immediately.

So it’s yours, if you want it.

Push the sale through

We don’t stop until it’s done. Whether it means yet another round of negotiations to hammer the price to where you want it. Or hooking you up with a better mortgage guy to get you approved.

Or guide you through filling in the paperwork right so the deal goes through.

You’ll close the deal, confident, relaxed and smiling.

Need an agent who won’t stop helping you, even once you’ve closed on the deal you wanted?

Is My Home Worth Selling?