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Boost your bank balance fast with responsible tenants who pay on time.

That empty property is losing you money every day.

It’s draining your bank account, Robbing you of your peace-of-mind. Lord knows you’ve tried to fill it.


  • Sweated over writing super-compelling descriptions of your rental.
  • Wasted HOURS posting and reposting on Zillow, Craigslist, and dozens of other sites.
  • Slashed the price down to try to grab some interest.
  • Labored through high-stress phone calls, doing your darndest at being persuasive…

But got zero results.

You just

  • Don’t have the time to search for tenants
  • Don’t know the tricks to check prospects out thoroughly
  • Live too far away to  run endless showings.

Your perfect tenant is just a phone call away

Don’t give up on this month’s rent yet

3 Advertising Channels

Reach a larger pool of potential tenants and get them SOLD on your rental.

We advertise your property within 24-hours via social media ads, local signage, and online listings.

Under 2-Week Placement average

Contact us, give us a key, and relax – in around 14 days you’ll have a tenant signed on.

That’s 2-4 months faster (and rent-richer) than if you do it yourself.

5-Point Tenant Qualification System

Don’t get ripped off by tenants who don’t pay or damage your property.

Our extensive tenant pre-assessment system keeps you (and your wallet) protected.

100% Apartments Filled

Next month’s rent is as good as in your pocket.

Relax. We’ve never failed a landlord yet.