Levi Judqin is the owner and operator of Brass Moon Realty located in New Haven County, CT. For over 7 years, home shoppers have turned to Levi Judqin to find their dream home. As real estate professionals, Levi and his team have the skills and experience to provide you with the highest level of service.

By forging personal relationships with mortgage brokers and attorneys, Brass Moon Realty makes the home buying and selling process a smoother, more streamlined experience. Equally committed to establishing quality customer service from beginning to end, Brass Moon Realty stays in touch with clients even after the deal is closed. Levi and his team of dedicated professionals check in with each client to ensure the transition has gone smoothly and to assist with any elements that may arise after a transaction has closed.

Brass Moon Realty has the reputation of being a brokerage firm in New Haven County that will do everything possible to satisfy the needs of each customer who walks through the door. Whether buying or selling, they’ll help you determine a home’s market value by comparing similar properties in the area so that you can make well-informed decisions. They will set their buyers up for success using professional and timely mortgage brokers, and referring their clients to honest inspectors, and reliable, accessible attorneys.

This website provides you with easy access to the powerful MLS tool in order to facilitate the search for your dream home. At Brass Moon Realty, our home buying and selling experts work diligently to help you find your ideal new home for the best possible price. Buying or selling a home is often noted as one of life’s most stressful endeavors, but with trusted professionals by your side, you can navigate the uncharted waters confidently. Brass Moon Realty is well-equipped to negotiate the stressful details of the home buying and selling process so that you can relax.

Selling and buying a home doesn’t have to be difficult when you work with Levi and his team. They strive to give you an outstanding experience whether buying or selling.

Please give a call today we look forward to speaking with you!