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Swift-acting agents so fast that we’re often the first to put an offer in on new listings - so you get first dibs + a better price.

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We don’t stop negotiating until we’ve gotten you unbelievable value and the best possible deal.

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Your home should double as a lucrative investment. Get long-term value with agents who know the Waterbury market cold.

He got us INCREDIBLE deals.

I’ve used other realtors before, and they were slow at putting in offers. By the time they got back to me, the deals were gone.

Then I found Levi, and his responsiveness meant he was often first to put in an offer and got us incredible deals.

--Shuly Leiber

Realtors you can depend on.

Honest advice so you make the smarter decision.

Avoid pricey mistakes

We know you’re new at this. Avoid expensive mistakes with honest + expert guidance every step of the way

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Pressure-free decisions

Your home shouldn’t be a compromise. Get top-notch recommendations based on your needs + budget AND the time and space to make a decision you’re thrilled with.

Extremely knowledgeable

Levi at Brass Moon is extremely knowledgeable in terms of property value – he gives great advice, knows what a fair price is. I anticipated a great buy as far as market dynamics and price - and I got it.

--Arie Malka

I want a realtor I can trust.

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