Sell smarter. Sell easier. Sell happier.

Enjoy a smooth, stress-free sale with agents who guide you every step of the way.

Make more money with Brass Moon Realty

Benefit from expert advice and marketing that gets your home sold at its peak value

Smart upgrades

Hardwood floors? Paint job? Our market-savvy agents tell you exactly what to upgrade to make your home sell higher.

Plus, we give you the lowdown on the best + most affordable guys to use.

4-channel marketing

Get more offers with our aggressive 4-channel marketing

  • social media
  • signage
  • local papers
  • exclusive buyer email database

Faster sales

Avoid decreased home value by dawdling on the market for too long.

We’ll help you list it right, position it well, and ensure the best offer goes through.

Perfect solution.

I couldn’t get over how Levi has such an immense network of perfect solutions at really low prices. No matter what you need, he’s always available to help you and always knows someone or someone who knows someone who will get you the perfect job at the lowest prices.

--Arie Malka

Take the stress out of the sale

From listing to closing, we take care of the hard stuff.

Simplified paperwork

We help you get the paperwork you need, on time, to make the deal go through fast.

✓ Phone calls to appraisers
✓ Checking in with lawyers
✓ Speeding up negotiations

Faster resolutions

We do whatever it takes to push the deal through.

  • Locate your home plans.
  • Find out the tax code.
  • Talk to their lawyers.

We’ve even helped get buyers’ mortgages approved.

Screened buyers

We make sure only pre-screened, motivated buyers look through your home. So time isn’t wasted with endless showings.

I was barely involved.

I was so relieved at Levi from Brass Moon’s responsiveness. He found a buyer, made sure all paperwork went through, and got it closed even though it was a difficult deal.

He’s honest, takes care of everything right away, and stays on top to get it done, with barely any involvement from me.

--Rephael Max