About Us

Hi, I’m Levi Judqin.

I get you the real estate deal you want, via a process that keeps you smiling.

As a real estate investor for 10 years, I found myself struggling through the stressful, overwhelming complexities of real estate.

I was forking over THOUSANDS of dollars in commission.
But still felt like I was handling the process alone.

Friends in the field shared the same story. Their realtors were busy, apathetic, and didn’t really care.

I cared.

So I started being the kind of agent everybody dreams of. But nobody believes still exists.





Guiding sellers and buyers to the deal that was right for them, and helping them with issues that came up long after the deal was closed.

  • I found one client the 4-bedroom home he wanted - for $65,000 cheaper than he’d dared expect.
  • Another client’s property had been sitting on the market so long that he’d despaired of ever selling it. I got it sold in 27 days.
  • A third client wanted an investment property he could rent out immediately without any renovation headaches. I found him a bi-level where cash flowed in from the start.

Real estate shouldn’t give you nightmares.

I’ve been there. I’ve done it.

And I’m here to make sure your deal happens and you’re happy.

You deserve an outstanding experience.

Get it now.

Is My Home Worth Selling?